These are some of our salon picks to maintain your hair care regimen at home:

You can purchase these items at the salon or shop here with our on-line shopping store!

In our salon or on-line store we offer you several options to choose from some of our favorite picks.These options we actually use on a daily basis on our clients.

The Ecure Treatment is our#1 treatment used with our"Primp Hair Care Plan". You can maintain your investment with our home maintenance hair care products until your next visit.

How to use the Ecure product at home:These products are more effective when recieving your ecure treatment( in salon treatment) at least every eight weeks. 1.Shampoo your hair with a gentle cleansing shampoo(Make sure all dirt and oil is off the scalp and hair,hair should feel squeaky clean) 2.Shampoo twice with the Ecure color treated or the Dry Coarse shampoo.3.Completely towel dry your hair.4. Spray the Ecure Blow Dry Shine Spray throughout the hair.5. Spray Design Essentials Bamboo silk leave in conditioning spray.6. Rub 1 to 3 drops of The Primp Stimulating and Strengthening Oil evenly thoughout the hair.7.Continue to style as normal for a beautiful healthy treses......

I did add 2 drops of The Primp Stimulating and Strengthening Oil on my clients hair while it was wet.

I did not put any additional when finished.

The Primp Stimulating and Strengthening Oil