Hair Treatments

(A) Fiber Strengthening Treatment

Filloxane envelops the hair fiber as a reconstructive web that helps boost hair to add strength and volume.Hair fibers are interacted with keratin protien.

Time Estimate: 0:30

Price range: 25-25

(A) Hair Detox Treatment

This treatment totally cleanses each hair strand and scalp from excessive build up.Removes toxins, mineral build up and medications out of the hair and scalp.

Time Estimate: 0:15

Price range: 35-35

(A) Help Me :Instense Extreme Treatment

This treament includes our: detox treatment,the ecure treatment,bond mulipler and fiber protien treatment and ends trimmed on the same day ! If your hair has been excessively shedding and breaking and lifeless this is the treatment for you.....this treatment will restore,replenish and begin to rebuild your hair. We recommend you follow our Primp Hair Care Plan to main the full health of your hair.

Time Estimate: 4:00

Price range: 170-170

(A) Intense Peppermint Patty Treatment (irregular scalp issues)

This treatment is specially designed for noticeably thinning hair.It delivers denser-looking hair and a healthy shine while protecting the scalp.

Time Estimate: 0:15

Price range: 15-15

(A) Keratin Shot Treatment (Intense protein) #1 ask for protein

This treatment is an amino-acid based thermal reconditioning designed to strengthen,treat and repair chemically processed weakened or damage hair.This special blend of amino-acids and proteins deeply penetrate the hair to swiftly renew hair health.This treatment dramatically reduces breakage and shedding

Time Estimate: 0:30

Price range: 50-50

(A) Peppermint Patty Treatment(for dry and itchy scalp)

This treatment is specifically formulated to alleviate dry and itchy scalp conditions.Contians moisturizers that help protect the hair and scalp.Excellent for both natural and chemically treated hair.With regular use helps to prevent flaky scalps

Time Estimate: 0:15

Price range: 10-10