Hair Cuts

(C) Full Trim Cut

A full trim cut is if we have to cut all throughout your hair to trim because of: Layers,specialty cuts or if your hair has split to far up the shaft from the lack of not trimming for long periods of time.(1/2 up to 2inch)

Time Estimate: 0:30

Price range: 20-20

(C) Percision Hair Cuts

This cut is for us to create a brand new cut for your hair to enchance your face and life style with preciseness.

Time Estimate: 1:00

Price range: 50-50

(C) Shape Up Cuts

This hair cut is to maintain or to freshen up a current cut you currently have.

Time Estimate: 0:30

Price range: 25-25

(C) Trim Me

Hair is comb straight down and cut evenly all away around on the ends of your hair(1/2 to 1 inch only) We recommand trimming your hair every 8 to 10 weeks to maintain healthy ends.

Time Estimate: 0:15

Price range: 15-15