Pamper Packages

(K) High Maintenance Getaway $250

Our youthful rejuvenating (4 Layer Seaweed Facial )will have your skin ready for the red carpet.After preparing your face for the world, you will receive our one hour( Hot Stone Body Massage) with our Basalt Lava Stones which are heated and incorporated into your massage surely to uphold a high-maintenance girls reputation. When finished with your massage you will be seated into our quiet, tranquil seated area away from others and enjoy our( Spa Lunch )fit for a queen( and chocolate is involved)! After Enjoying your lunch you will now indulge into our( Indulgence Pedicure and Manicure )that surely pays attention to every detail of the feet and hands.........that High Maintenance Ladies except!

Time Estimate: 5:00

(K) Just a Little Me Time Pamper Package $100

Don't have a lot of time on your hands but need a little pick me up this is the package for you!Our Primp Facial (30 min)Primp Footage Massage (30 min) Primp Hand & Arm Tension Relief Massage (30 min)

Time Estimate: 1:30

(K) Me Time Pamper Package $170

This package indulges your facial skin, spending a lot of time to insure facial care to relax every muscle in your face. And if you love detail and attention to your feet and hands this is the package for you! Our 4 Layer Seaweed Facial (60 min.) Indulgence spa manicure (35 min.) Indulgence spa pedicure (1hr. 20min.)

Time Estimate: 3:00

Price range: 170-170

(K) Pamper Me Renewal Package $175

Just need to escape and renew yourself to recharge yourself for the next week,feel free to try this package!The Primp Facial ( 30 min.)The Primp Upper Body Massage (30 min.)renewal spa manicure (35 min.) renewal spa pedicure (1hr.)

Time Estimate: 3:00

Price range: 175-175

(K) Primp Day of Escape $235

Take me to a place of tranquility and peace. Start with our (Seaweed Facial )this facial will have you thinking of the ocean on the beach.Than followed with a soothing and relaxing( Full Body Massage )with hands never lifting from your body.After such relaxation you will be seated in our quiet space for a (spa lunch).Finally your feet and hands will be renewed with our (Renew Spa Manicure and Pedicure). If you need some time to escape this package is for you!

Time Estimate: 4:30

(K) The Infinity Spa Escape $285.00

A vacation away from home,this package will indulge you all day, we picked our favorites for you to enjoy.Start with our luxury (4 Layer Seaweed & Mineral facial) this will have you feeling like your laying on an island! Than we will indulge you with our ( Dual Relaxation Massage) for one hour pick two massages from our massage menu for our therapist to indulge you into infinity ! After those two heavenly treatments we sit you in our private area with the warmth of our fire place and tranquility to eat your (Spa Lunch).And than when you just thought we were finished with you, our pedicurist will indulge you with our fabulous (Infinity Pedicure )and finish off with our( Indulgence manicure) and than we can send you home feeling like you can conquer the world!

Time Estimate: 4:45

Price range: 285-285