HairCare Plan

The Primp Hair Care Plan

The best advice that I share with our clients who want to begin our Primp Hair Care Plan(hair to health) is to stop comparing your hair to other women, models and celeberities.Learn to embrace and love the texture,length and density of hair that God has given you.When you began to embrace and enhance what you have, others will began to want what you have,because your God given hair compliments ''YOU"!

I also encourage my clients to wear your own hair more than you wear hair enchancements.Our Primp Hair Care Plan is for all hair types and textures.Our Primp Hair Care Plan is also excellent for clients who do wear weave and braids....

The Primp Hair Care Plan is a series of luxury hair treatments that work together to restore,replenish and to rebuild your hair strands back to your hairs full potential.

It takes about 12 to 36 months to restore and rebuild damage hair. We have a 95% satisfaction of retention and regrowth rate from our clients.

We use a series of luxury treatments from different hair product companys that we have customize to work together to bring "YOUR hair back to "YOUR'',hairs full potential. Everyones potential of growth and density (which is length and fullness) of the hair is different.