Natural Service

(H) Keratin Smoothing Treatment

It elongates the curl pattern by 75-90% allowing you to achieve more straight looks without breaking any bonds.Our Keratin Thermal Smoothing Complex prevents reversion and frizzness by sealing needed moisture out.

Time Estimate: 3:00

Price range: 200-250

(H) Bond Multiplier Treatment

This treatment literally links broken bonds in the hair during heat services making them stronger than they were before. Makes your hair stands fill strong and thick.

Time Estimate: 0:30

Price range: 50-50

(H) Help Me:Intense Repair Treatment

This treament includes our: detox treatment,the ecure treatment,bond mulipler and fiber protien treatment on the same day ! If your hair has been excessively shedding and breaking and lifeless this is the treatment for you.....this treatment will restore,replenish and begin to rebuild your hair. We recommend you follow our Primp Hair Care Plan to main the full health of your hair.

Time Estimate: 4:00

Price range: 170-170

(H) The E-Cure Treatment (stops hair from shedding)

The e‑Cure Treatment instantly transforms and restores damaged, dry, over-processed hair and delivers enternal moisture lasting – up to 2 months. E‑Cure Treatment is ideal for hair that is:Damaged, dry, brittle or bleached, color treated, chemically processed,coarse, curly or coils,keratin-treated or chemically textured hair.

Time Estimate: 0:30

Price range: 50-50