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The Primp Grow T-Shirt (XXL)

This t-shirt is so much fun to wear when your focusing on your hair growth.It's also fun to show off your growth to family,friends and co-workers.Let's remember that all long hair is not healthy hair growth.We encorge you to grow your hair to your desire length strong and healthy from the roots of your hair to the ends of your hair.This t-shirt is to help encourge you to remember The Primp Hair Care Plan that we offer at our salon or the salon of your choice.Our plan at our salon is to put you on a hair regimen that will help to strengthen,stimulate and to rebulid the structure of your scalp and hair shaft to your full potential.We do this with our Luxry Hair Treatments and a specific plan for your hair type!

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*These t-shirts are not only great for showing off your hair growth; it's also a great tool when your getting your hair trimmed !!!

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